What we learn about the Tebow haters

First, I do not believe Tim Tebow, the current starting quarterback for the NFL’s Denver Broncos, belongs to the true Christian religion.

I do, however, root for him.

Partly because, going along with my ‘just a human’ philosophy, most of the “experts” dislike him and think he will fail.

Also, because so far, he makes those so called experts, and many others, we shall call the Tebow haters, look foolish.

Why do I say this? Is it because Tebow throws a very ugly pass, and still wins? No, it is because he is the opposite of what these haters complain about.

The haters hate how, “Tebow thinks God will help him win” and “Tebow is self righteous”, well guess what, Tebow has never said in any interviews I have seen, that God will help him win, and I have never seen him act self righteous…yet. He is an imperfect man, he is just a human, so he could and probably will make some gaffes and mistakes and perhaps even major blunders, but it has not happened yet. He has not said anything rude, or preachy that I have seen. He loves his god, and wants to talk about it, I say let him. The haters talk about all their interests without restraint. They pontificate about morals, and politics and Tebow, and I say let them, but, it does tell us something about them.

We are learning that what really bothers them is that someone can live by his faith, someone does not fall prey to every temptation and that someone is not them. Tim Tebow makes these people upset because they want everyone to roll in the dirt to make themselves feel better.

They want to feel better because not only do they roll in the dirt, but they like the dirt, despite knowing it is dirty.


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