My 20 Things

imageHere is my current list of 20 Things I look forward to in the paradise: (subject to change ;))

  1. Catching up on sleep and feeling rested
  2. Meeting Jonah
  3. Playing with a Grizzly Bear
  4. Waking up feeling better than when I was 18
  5. The removal of Satan and the pressure of his influence
  6. Surfing in warm water with Dutch and the boys
  7. Teaching my Dad the truth
  8. Health for my beautiful wife
  9. Meeting my family all the way back to Noah, talking to the ones who may haveimage known Jesus and even Noah
  10. The removal of our sinfulness
  11. Working on a very large project if there is one
  12. Making outstanding beverages
  13. Playing an instrument or 10
  14. Seeing resurrected ones coming to love and appreciate Jehovah
  15. Going on a long camping trip with 30 of my best friends
  16. Seeing the 24 Elders do their work
  17. Always being joyful
  18. Being a person that makes Jehovah happy all the time
  19. Seeing Jesus turning turning over the Kingdom to Jehovah
  20. Actually being able to directly communicate with Jehovah

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