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Just a human

I want to have a place to write, keep track of, and follow items that match my current philosophy on most things in life, and that is, I am, they are, you are just a human. This is not intended to be an insult, rather an explanation.

How does this ‘philosophy’, that is the word I will use for now, manifest itself? Why is this something that needs to be chronicled? Because, understanding this provides not only explanations for things, but ultimately, I want humans to recognize more is needed. To recognize what they see with their own two eyes, and to believe it and trust it. To recognize that humans are very limited and do not have the ability to solve their own problems.

This however is not meant to be discouraging, rather it is meant to set a common ground. It is meant to help people see that if humans are the only creatures that exist in the universe, humans would be doomed. Humans are not the only creatures in the universe. And no, aliens do not exist. What I am referring to is Spirit Creatures. Foremost among them is the Creator of all, The Universal Sovereign.

Now, to go on a religious discussion here would turn off too many people, at least for now. I bring it up though to show why this saying, just a human, is a positive thought to me. The Creator knows we are ‘just human’ and wants to help us, he knows we are ‘just human’ and will fix our problems, he knows we are ‘just human’ and promises to make all of the heartache and pain, from the period of time we are living in, disappear from our memory. He not only provided life, and a wonderful earth for us, but also, after a rebellion, and a choice to rule over ourselves, he provided His Son and the Bible to instruct us and show that he will fix things, and here in November of 2011, we can be sure it is soon.

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